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 Hey i rlly wanna join your guild ;) !

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Hey i rlly wanna join your guild ;) ! Empty
PostSubject: Hey i rlly wanna join your guild ;) !   Hey i rlly wanna join your guild ;) ! Icon_minitimeWed Mar 03, 2010 9:56 pm

Application format
Character name:Greatshaman
Character race:Draenei
Character class AND SPEC: Shaman/elemental offspec resto
Character level:80
Character professions:i will get highest skill in jewelcraft
Character profile:

Something about yourself.
Your name:Magnus Gabriel zebulon Backlund
Your age:15
Your location:sweden
Your interests: Piano. well everything that has with music to do. And Basketball or diffrent sports
Additional info: Never be rude at anyone Wink

Something about your motivation.
What is the main reason you play WoW? Because it is fun Smile
What is the main reason you want to join Divinity? you raid much and i love raiding Very Happy
What was your previous guild en why did you leave it? well .... my preavious guild was relentless and noone talked on guild chat everything was dead -_-
What do you expect from Divinity? hehe raiding , much talk on g chatt
What times do you play on average? on normal days i play like from 4-8 hours and on weekend i play like 24/7 Very Happy

Knowledge of the game
What is the greatest weakness of your class? stun... but shaman doesn't have any great weakness , they can meele and range and heal.
What is the greatest strength of your class? clearly my dps and totems
Raiding experiance instances done ? i have done all 70-80 instance on hc and normal and i have done 3 bosses on icc 25 man and i have done toc 10 man and some others.

Additional info
Tell us anything you want here, convince us about taking you in. well i can do much dps and i am online often. And i play fair. u can always count on me Wink
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Hey i rlly wanna join your guild ;) ! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hey i rlly wanna join your guild ;) !   Hey i rlly wanna join your guild ;) ! Icon_minitimeThu Mar 04, 2010 1:24 am

first upgrade your gems and enchants mate....

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Hey i rlly wanna join your guild ;) ! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hey i rlly wanna join your guild ;) !   Hey i rlly wanna join your guild ;) ! Icon_minitimeThu Mar 04, 2010 1:41 am

Since i'm the only Ele shaman in the guild, i'm gonna step in and give you some advices

First of all, your gem is not good at all, why are you even using 8 haste and 10 spell power Penetration in your neck? I understand that you are using rare gems in gear that is under iLvl 232, but your choice of gems is confusing me. To get some good tip about how to gem, download the program "Rawr" and learn how to use it, it's a really good program to see how you should upgrade your gear, which rotation you shall use and so on.

Second, you are missing alot of enchants and so on. 15 stam and minor speed increased on foot is a huge benefit in raids, which makes it even more possible for you to avoid fires and so on. You are also missing your enchant on your legs, where you should use 50 spellpower + 30 stamina on, since spirit is useless for us, and more stamina is always good.

and now about your specc.
You should remove 3 points from Convection since there shouldn't be a mana problem for you at all during encounters. instead you can put 1 or 2 of these points into Elemental Warding so you take less damage, which is a huge relief for the healers, and also have 3 points in Eye of the storm so you dont get pushbacks during enounters, which increases your overall dps.

I dont see the point in putting 1 point in Shamanistic Focus, since mana shouldn't be a problem for you at all, so it's just a waste of point. If you want, you can check me on WoWarmory and copy my specc, it's working really greate for me, never having any mana problems att all, and i can easily pump out 7 - 8k dps in 10 mans.

Also, Glyph of Water Breathing is just a waste, replace it with Glyph of thunderstorm instead, so you can get 2% more mana from it (7% overall) and dosen't gives a pushback effects on trash while using it, which makes it possible for us shamans to AoE a little with it also!

Also, you should change our meta gem to a Chaotic Skyflare (+21 critical strike rating and 3% increased Critical Damage) for a more dps outcome!
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Hey i rlly wanna join your guild ;) ! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hey i rlly wanna join your guild ;) !   Hey i rlly wanna join your guild ;) ! Icon_minitime

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Hey i rlly wanna join your guild ;) !
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